Our Mission

Our Business is the leader and market leader in the personal roadway transport business. It is the very first business to introduce metered "Radio taxis" under its brand name. It takes pride in producing this Market through skilled expert management which serves countless customers and the marketplace which is growing at compound yearly development rate of 25%.

Our Business provides a reputable taxi service by focusing on each touch point of its consumers. Innovation led development remains in the DNA of our business. We originated numerous developments for previous 7 years like completely automated GPS GPRS based dispatch system, automated speed alarms in taxis, journey tracker service and ICE alert in mobile apps targeted at ladies’ security as likewise market's most sophisticated forecasting algorithm. As the leader, we feel duty-bound to continuously look at supplying much better customer experience through best-of-breed innovation to match our best-in-class service.

Our Business is now present throughout 24 cities in the nation, using 5 various kinds of items, each customized to customer requirements. A fleet of more than 20,000+ taxis and a customer base of 5 Million make us the biggest radio taxi business in India. Through first-rate innovation, licensed drivers, and able fleet engineers, it intends to offer the Indian customers a distinct travel experience throughout the nation.